Feel like Healing?

Gossip with crystals every other week



Charka: Solar Plexus

Purpose: Lacking Motivation this is your crystal! I use this crystal for my writers block. It's important to set your intentions with your crystals & welcome all they have to offer.

Use: Enhance your creativity

Connecting: Your work space(desk), Hold during meditation



Charka: Crown & Higher Charkas 

Purpose: In need of some clarity? Selenite is your crystal. This crystal is great for cutting energy cords("aka cutting ties"). Aids with forgiveness and promotes internal peace. 

Use: I use this crystal when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Too many thoughts and emotions all at once its hard to make sense of it all. I recommend holding Selenite as you guide throughout your body; time to let go!

Connecting: Everywhere & anywhere within reach. I like to keep this crystal in close proximity of my bed or under my pillow for those waves of uncertainty.


Charka: Throat & Third Eye Chakra 

Purpose: Dare to speak your truth?Lapis encourages you to speak what’s in your heart. This crystal enhances self-awareness to facilite our manifestations with clarity.

Use: The ancient Egyptians referred to this stone as “the stone of the gods”, due to the resemblance of the night sky in its pattern. In need of soothing, this is your crystal. Since it aids our portals for internal and external communication (third eye & throat). Remember communication  is a source for healing.

Connecting: I use this crystal during meditation and card readings. It helps bring our inner truth to light while it expands our third eye for the answers we seek.



Charka: Heart Charka

Use: Green Jade aka the ‘Dream Stone”, if perfect for welcoming any type of abundance and because overthinking sets us back, use Jade to help regroup your thoughts.

Connecting: I love connecting with my crystals in different ways. I bought this Jade egg locally for a very decent price; instead of the roller. If you have dry skin like me, place it in fridge before use. Dab facial oil and begin to sooth your face. Add some positive affirmations during this self-care. 

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