Music Notes for a Heartbreak

Music holds more power than we even realize. The sound of each song is a doorway to the artist’s feelings, experiences and true essence. Bottled into pieces made of minutes where we have the chance to dive into their world sometimes in less than five minutes. Whether it’s rap, r&b, salsa, country each song carries an intention, a purpose of how the artist would like to be understood. Like all writers, we write with the intention to ‘relate and release. Hoping that others can share similar feelings through our creativity, whether it’s love, pain, anger it creates a connection between us. The complexity of music can be beautifully triggering; like that song you associate to a warm summer night. Oh but music is a master in emotional diversity and it can also be cold provoking. Common now, you’ve left ‘let it burn’ by usher on replay a couple times or ‘say goodbye’ by Chris Brown. No? Okay maybe that’s just me then. Whichever song it may be we all have those go to songs we constantly play during a break up. Even when I’m trying to get a workout in, that ASAP Rocky does it for me. The energy in the songs we listen to can be an indication of the mood we are in or subconsciously reach. Why? Well because they have the vibration we searching for. Music can be therapeutic or weakening, that all depends on you. Think about the instrumentals in movies that give us all the feels, from chills to happiness, to sadness. Without these beautiful symphonies the mood in films would not feel the same. Music has the power to transfer feelings onto other people but remember too much of anything can be counter productive for your state of mind or the one you are trying to work on. Think about the songs you listen to like bullets piercing into your ears and ultimately to the ‘Throat Charka’; the head quarters for communication linked to our hearing. “At the Throat Chakra, many people focus on voice and speech-that is, your ability to articulate thoughts and ideas. What is most important at the Throat Chakra is not how you communicate but what you communicate. The “what” is your truth, your deepest wisdom; the “how” is your channel for sharing your truth.” (The Charkra Handbook, Athena Perrakis, Ph.D) With that being said our ‘Throat Chakra’ is the energy source on how we process and produce our ‘truth’. Relating back to music, music is sound and sound is vibration. Each song(sound) carrying an artists’ vibration and through this process the emotional aspect of songs are born. While they share their truth the ‘what’ of communication is being sung. It is said that opening your throat Chakra will help release internal pressures and align your vision on reality. Oh breakups…I think we can all relate to parting ways from someone we loved, so lets slice this topic. If you go on Apple Music you’ll find a playlist called ‘Breakup Essentials’ as in necessary? Well then lol. Now I’m not saying music can’t get you through stinging times, but at some point it’s important you catch yourself indulging in sad songs. Since artists are using their own Throat Chakras to express their creativity, we need to make sure we aren’t triggering/blocking our own. During a break up not only are you drowning in your own waters but now you’ve heightened that sadness with someone else’s heartbreak(the artist). While these songs can help you process certain experiences, if you don’t set healthy boundaries for yourself, you can cement your state of mind. It is said, when there is a blockage in your Throat Chakra many habits can arise: Lack of control in speech Impedes active listening Fear of speaking Shyness Blocks creativity Hinders articulation Stubbornness So whether you are the artist or the listener, depending on your choice of sound(music) you can actually aid or create a blockage for your Charka. You also need to remember some, not all breakup songs can be one sided, sometimes they only shed light on the pain inflicted to the writer but not the pain they’ve caused. In order to grow from a breakup up its imperative we reflect on our doings; we aren’t perfect there is always situations we could have handled gently. Just be mindful in the choice of songs you serve yourself during these times. While it can be great to tune in, remember to tune out to prevent becoming stationary. So when you’re done with the ice cream change that weeping playlist and follow up with sparkling beats & wine! Moderation is balance Love Nic

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