Our Onion Layers

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

I was preparing dinner for my family the other day; it was the perfect kind of day for soup. Everyone who knows me is aware of how much I detest onions, but lately I’ve been using them in a lot of dishes to add extra flavour…I know guys surprise (rolls eyes*). As I reached over to grab the onion I thought ‘here we go, time for the burning waterfalls. Isn’t it amusing, how something so potent had the ability to mask its properties through its outer layer and the idea occured. It’s like this onion and I bonded over our feelings lol. Me personally I have peeled many layers so far, others have been pointed out to me, and the remaining I have yet to peel. The peeling process of the ache we carry, is the aspect I dreaded the most…just like cutting this damn onion! However, when once I befriended the discomfort, together we unravelled so much dimension for the dish of our soul.

I started to peel the onion skin. This is the easiest part I thought, no crying yet! It easily crumbled off, hardly took any effort to peel. Thinking of the skin as a magnetic to all emotions before it’s absorption. The reason these emotions can be identifiable is because they haven’t been buried under other layers. This is the layer I like to call annoyance; you know the things that bug you but it ain’t that serious. The helpful thing about this layer of emotions is it can be easily vocalized to avoid internalization. Like knowing you're having a bad day because you got a speeding ticket or something; lets' be real you're really mad at yourself not others; but you decide to take it out on your whole entire day. So, identify identify, identify! Before they manifest into complex emotions that you have now made that serious.

Okay so you’ve been avoiding some feels lately and they have turned into smelly a$$ onion layers, too late your screwed...just kidding. What can I really say but peel on earthlings. Like my previous post acknowledging your emotions is an important step you cannot skip, just as it is being grateful for them. We live in a world where emotions coexist. You cannot know happiness without sadness, anger without peace, tequila without lime; I mean the list goes on. Without one or the another you can’t appreciate the experience of brighter days. Eventually when you strengthen gratitude in life and create it as a source for healing, things feel less painful. The problem is most of us think we should only appreciate the favourable, but the truth is we learn more from what causes us pain than what makes us happy.

As you start to peel more layers you realize that ‘pensive’ turned into ‘sadness’ and then transformed to ‘pain’. Each feeling being its own layer filled with undisclosed internal conflict. At this point you’ve evolved these emotions to their highest extremity. For example, our good old Pokémon family friend, Charmander(annoyance). It evolves into Charmeleon(anger). Why? because you didn’t acknowledge Charmander when it was cuter to deal with, seriously lol. When it comes to anger you start to feed a beast you aren’t always ready to control; Charizard(rage). In order to come down from rage you typically hit your peak. That is why the saying goes “Wherever there is anger there is pain underneath” (E.Tolle). Whether its relationships, finances, family matters that are leached on with these emotions its best to face them head on before they evolve into something debilitating for your soul. If you let these layers pile up, without the intention of dealing with them you will keep making an onion out of yourself, trust me.

Let’s say you’ve packed those layers on but you’re finally ready to dice through all the emotions that you were too ashamed of. Buried so deeply you didn’t even think it was possible to unravel so much. You begin to acknowledge these feelings for what they truly are as you start dicing. It makes you cry but not because it hurts, you're just finally comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. I guess onions aren’t so bad...

What better way to welcome the full moon than to let go of what no longer serves us as we balance our opposing energies.

Happy Full Moon in Libra!

Love Nic

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