‘Room’ For Growth

Have you ever walked into someone’s room and automatically a thought came to mind about their personality? I sure did… my own room lol During my low times I realized my room was a reflection of my emotional state. Back when my parents found out about my depression, my pops told me something that I never seem to forget… “I can tell the way you feel, by the way your room is kept”. So every now and then I’ll scan through my room, take a step back to reflect on how I am feeling. When I begin to feel overwhelmed I noticed I leave clothes laying around, things are out of place and my desk…Oh this is a huge one for me. If I cannot see the surface of my work space I definitely know there is zero creativity flowing through. For me, keeping my space tidy, clean and decorated has become an important part of my routine. You see I’m constantly changing my room all the time; at least once a year I make a habit of it. I don’t even need to purchase anything to make this change. DYI projects are a great way to add to room without hurting your pockets or refurbishing old furniture. Paint your walls, add décor, clean out your closet. Every little bit helps in redesigning not only your space but your life too. Warm milk chocolate brown used to cover the walls of my room for quite sometime, until of course I wanted a change. I envisioned a sleek room, with a brighter and bigger appearance. Although the brown gave me a warm feeling, it also made my room look significantly smaller. So white was the perfect shade. I’m quite the pastel lover, I love colour but in very light tones so white would compliment the pastel décor. So far I think I’m sticking to the white; we’ll see lol. For some colour physics 101, ‘white’ to most scientists is not considered a colour, this is due the unspecified wavelengths. This is why black and white are considered shades, black being the absence of light and white being the sum of all possible colours. The reason I picked white for my room was the fact that no colours can be mixed to create white and to me this represented purity, new beginnings and endless possibilities. I became these newly painted snow walls, a canvas, ready to paint a world I wanted. This was the start of the path I’m currently on... Now, adding décor to your room is a great way to remind yourself of the beautiful colours we all carry within. It’s a chance to witness your spirit come alive in a physical form. I prefer decorations that speak to me, most things in the my room have a meaning. From crystals, to plants, to paintings; everything chosen let it be with your authenticity. Whether your into makeup, fitness, fashion, music incorporate these aspects of yourself into your room as a source of motivation and creativity. If you like simplicity , there is plenty of ways to create a simplistic looking room with a touch of personality. Its all about choosing those decorative pieces that speak to you. As the saying goes, everything is connected…synchronicity- meaningful connection. When I think about about the change in my room I can honestly say deep down at the time I was yearning for a shift. Just like, we are the environment we live in , the friends we connect with, the foods we eat; our world is a reflection of ourselves. Of course everything in moderation is key. I know there’s a reason I feel most productive in my new work space. Think about your room/space as your sanctuary ; your temple. Its the place where ideas flourish, daydreams can become reality. I tell myself the same effort you put in promoting a healthier body, should be relatively equal to creating a room that provides inspiration. As a writer there are spurts of creativity and blocks. During these blocks however its important to take a step back; to organize & clean. If your room is messy, your mind is messy. Of course I’m not where I would like to be, in all aspects there is always room for growth.

Also let me make it clear, creativity does not just mean you need to be an artist of some sort. When I talk about creativity I’m also referring you as the artist of your life. Every single person in this world is an artist, we create the life we desire. For those of you who haven’t read “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, he talks about this exactly: “Every human is an artist. The dream of your life is to make beautiful art.” “God, the supreme artist, uses our life for the creation of art. We are the instruments through which the force of life expresses itself.” What a perfect place to start with self expression than our rooms/space; a visual representation of our internal world. Incorporating this practice in my life has definitely provided me with emotional guidance and an abundance of creativity. Here are some tips for creating your sanctuary: Declutter & Donate! ( Marie Kondo the shit outta your space) Paint your room ( Give it a glow up) Introduce plants to your space Gift yourself with a private nook ( Have a designated area to work, mediate, read; anything you like) Paintings/Frames New Bedding Play around with your furniture set up; even the way your bed is positioned ( These small changes help!) String lights (I personally loveee my string lights, for some reason they add warmth I need at night to read, watch a movie, write...) Refurbish old furniture Introduce pops of colours( If you‘re more on the simplistic side but if not try to make your room flow)

Now get busy!

-Love Nic

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