Spirituality...Is that YOU?

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

"In the Nic of Time" is blog dedicated to all who wish to explore and awaken a side of them they might of ignored for some time. I became my journey right after a low point in my life lets call this 'depression'. You see I'm quite wary of using labels only for the simple idea many of us might believe these labels define us... but they do not. Now when it comes to spirituality I can only speak for myself, my opinion and my view on what it means to be a 'spiritual'. It all started when my family became aware of my depression, I was placed under academic probation for a year. A huge wave of blame lathered my whole body & soul. For those of you with ethnic parents you know this is a shock x 10000; mental health & being kicked out of university--ahh. The walls of my life closed in on me... at least this is what I thought. Now, I could sit here and share the story of my depression however when I think about all I've been through I can definitely say without a doubt the reflection of my thoughts at the time did not match to my spirit; that's what I'll share for now.

Welcoming Change

My sister played a huge role in bringing light into my world, introducing me to another way of thought. The old Nic was a skeptic...oh was I ever! I thought crystals, vibrations, intuition, mediation, chakras was all "bogus!" (as quoted by our teachers Bill & Ted). However at this point I gave it all a try, what did I have to lose right? I mean in that moment I thought I had lost it all and when I say all; I'm talking about myself( the I am). I underestimated the power of working out and a cleaner diet, I will say it over and over your physical health plays a huge part in your mental health. If you think about it our bodies are hosts for the most scared part of us; our souls. If we ignore to aid our bodies, we are ultimately ignoring our truest self. In my opinion it was for this reason I came to a low point in myself, I didn't lack spirituality realistically it had been inside of me this whole time. I needed to stop ignoring this part of me but most importantly be opened to things beyond my understanding; you see that is courage.

I continued on this new path; I welcomed crystals (no not type they sell at Swarovski) I'm talking about the raw crystals that were constantly overlooked for not being 'shiny' enough. They bought the energy I was lacking in times of confusion, pain, healing; basically they bring it all!

The 'Well-Being' section at Indigo became my second home and reading evolved into a form of meditation(um say what? I know I know). You see when people aka me thought about mediation automatically I pictured a silhouette, sitting on a pillow, crossed legged, breathing with their eyes closed. However if you look up the definition to meditation it is the 'action' of contemplation and reflection. Meditation can be expressed in many different ways, in my experience it is action with intention that promotes the practice of mindfulness. The moment I became grateful for my life, was the moment I truly began to live.

-Love Nic

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