Thirty-Five Minute Walk

I’ve walked the same route for a while now every time I walk my dog but with everything going on I’ve been walking through my neighbourhood without the worry of getting lost. Walking down roads I haven’t even heard of just to continue to breath fresh air. I kid you not I’ve had to pull my phone out and Waz myself home. Crazy huh? I’ve been taking these walks in such a rush before that I would always pick the familiar route just to get home quicker. On my way home I realized how full my neighbourhood felt compared to a month ago when the drive ways were almost completely empty. These houses actually have people living inside them; I thought. The houses felt alive and I realized it’s not the house that makes a home, it’s the home that makes the house. It doesn’t matter whether you have a big house, smaller house; new built or born in the 60’s house. What truly matter is the love that lives inside the home. I try to embrace every moment lately especially those “little things”. Since I began to meditate almost everyday since January, my thoughts have been even clearer of what’s really important. The only reason I go out now is for work and to buy essentials; and what a blessing that is because there are people in the world going through the same pandemic without the opportunity to even buy the essentials. “Since somebody’s got it worse, I don’t complain”…yes I was definitely bumping Jessie Reyez during this walk. I’ve noticed seniors in my neighbourhood look out the window more often just to see unfamiliar faces walk by. Walked by people whom I’ve never seen before (aside from the regulars), which is so great to see more people out for walks. Now we even greet each other with smiles and hellos; the neighbourhood begins to feel more like a community; a taste of back home. Being born in a “third world country”, your community becomes a family friend. A neighbourhood where good mornings and good evenings from people are limitless, they didn’t even have to know you. I’ve been always aware of others growing up in difficult environments but this walk made me visualize how lucky I am. I’ve seen underprivileged people emulate happiness. Children from even the age 5 hustling, selling goods on the road just to survive, without complaints just smiles filled with drive. Wearing nothing but flip flop on the rough dirt roads. I thought about my conversation with my cousin the other day who was having a hard time being in quarantine in El Salvador. He brought to my attention something so raw it gives me chills I will never forget, he said: “I’m having trouble being inside the house it’s nice that you have a backyard, we don’t even have that here, we can’t even go out for walks without being detained.” When you live in a country where the medical system isn’t even at par with Italy’s; could you imagine the results if strict quarantine measures were not taken. I tried to tell him the importance of keep your mind occupied with things that make him feel good. He’s a writer like me and reminded him to get back into it as an outlet. What he told me that day struck me so deeply immediately I thought how grateful I was to have space within my property for fresh air with grass and some trees to admire. My walk came to an end as I approached my house thinking how these so called “little things” are unquestionably priceless. All this time inside I’ve used to workout, read, meditate, write, draw; tap further into my creativity. So if you’re feeling bored, anxious, waves of understand get cracking. There is no doubt in my mind that we are all good at something creative whether its drawing, sowing, baking. Transcend those traditional patterns to meaningful moments that make you feel whole. Take time for yourself and savour that solitude. Love Nic

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